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Pinfo - A lynx-style info and man reader

Pinfo is an info file viewer. It was created when the author, Przemek Borys, was very depressed trying to read gtk info entries using the standard tools.

Pinfo is similar in use to lynx. It has similar key movements, and gives similar intuition. You just move across info nodes, and select links, follow them... Well, you know how it is when you view html with lynx. :) It supports as many colors as it could.

Pinfo also supports viewing of manual pages -- they're colorised like in the midnight commander's viewer, and additionaly they are hypertextualized (i.e. when pinfo encounters a reference of form manualname (n), then you can press enter there, and voila -- you're on the page for `manualname'.

Keyboard and colors are fully configurable. Pinfo supports URL's embedded into info documents and man.


Version 0.6.8 (stable) released on 2003-08-21
Licensed under GPL terms.
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Source tarball pinfo-0.6.8.tar.gz (313K)
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Interfaces command line (curses)
Source languages C

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